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Sunday, 31 March 2013

IGI 2 Covert Strike Free Download Full Version

IGI 2 Covert Strike. is a computer game developed by Innerloop Studios and released by Codemasters in 2003. The game is a stealth based first person shooter. It is the sequel to Innerloop’s Project I G I 1I’m Going In. The original, published by Eidos Interactive, offered only single player play. Chris Ryan, a former Special Air Service operative best known for being the lone successful escapee of Bravo Two Zero, served as a consultant to the game. The box art is similar to the poster for GoldenEye.

The game’s plot features a rogue Chinese General, “Wu Xing” as the primary antagonist. Xing orchestrates various events (such as armed robbery of advanced prototype technology from the Russian mafia) in order to get Electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weaponry on a space rocket that he has launch control over. At the end of the game, the protagonist David Jones is finally able to defeat him and stop the launch. The game was banned in China, because it “intentionally blackened China and the Chinese army’s image”. It received generally negative reviews by critics.

Missions and Storyline

The game is divided into missions, and the story is presented in cut scenes, shown before and after every mission, with animated characters rendered in real-time and pre-recorded speech. This approach is similar to other games in this genre, which don’t rely on video, instead providing a comparable quality of visual and dramatic appeal, reusing the same in-game 3D engine for cut scene rendering.

Missions have objectives that must all be completed before the mission ends.

Straight-forward tactics are not encouraged, with stealthy and covert movement giving the player a better rating, rank and chance of survival, with the highest attainable ranking entitled David Jones.

Multiple paths exist for every mission, with the most obvious and daunting being a noisy gun-fight, because in every mission Jones is outnumbered anywhere from 20-1 up to 50-1. Every mission presents an opportunity for large groups of enemies to be bypassed or sneaked past, undiscovered. Certain missions even require entire operations to be carried out undetected, i.e. without giving enemies a chance to sound the alarm, as the name Covert Strike suggests.

At the start of a new game, a difficulty level can be chosen, changing the number of bullets Jones takes before dying, the intelligence of the enemy and group AI, and the number of save games available.

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Need for Speed: Underground 2 Free download

Need for Speed: Underground 2

Need for Speed: Underground 2 is a cross platform racing video game and the eight installment of popular running game Need For Speed. Released in 2004.  it is the direct sequel to Need for Speed Underground, and is part of the Need for Speed series. It was developed by EA Black Box. Like its predecessor, it was also commercially successful, and sold 9000000 copies worldwide.
In addition to the racing modes included in the previous Underground game (Circuit, Sprint, Drag and Drift races), 4 new variations of races have been provided in Underground 2. One racing mode was dropped, this being the Knockout competitions. Still, a Lap Knockout option is available when racing Circuit in non-career races
The game is based around tuning cars for street races, resuming the Need for Speed Underground storyline. Need for Speed: Underground-2 provides many new features, such as a broader customization, new methods of selecting races. The voice is of Rachel Teller, the person who guides the player through the story.


Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
933MHz Processor
8X CD-ROM Drive
2GB Hard Disk Space
32MB DirectX compatible ATi Radeon 7500 or nVidia GeForce2 Class Video Card
DirectX compatible Sound Card
DirectX compatible Controller or Keyboard
DirectX 9.0c

Unlock Mazda RX8 And Nissan Skyline
At the main menu (where it says, 'Press Start') enter
Burger King Vinyl

When press start appears at the title screen, press UP, UP, UP, UP, DOWN, UP, UP, LEFT


Performance Level 1: L1, R1, L1, R1, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP
Performance Level 2: R1, R1, L1, R1, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN
Visual Level 1: R1, R1, UP, DOWN, L1, L1, UP, DOWN
Visual Level 2: L1, R1, UP, DOWN, L1, UP, UP, DOWN
Hummer H2 CaponeHummer H2 Capone : UP, LEFT, UP, UP, DOWN, LEFT, DOWN, LEFT
Best Buy Vinyl Sticker
At the main menu: UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, DOWN, UP, RIGHT, LEFT.
Start with $1,000
At the main menu Press LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT, SQUARE, SQUARE, RIGHT, L1 , R1.
Hidden Event
Once you get Rachel's car, don't return it. Complete the two races on the mini-map. There are two ways to find the hidden event: One way is to go to the street that says "Fort Union Square" (with the sign facing your car). On the first street, turn right then left into an alleyway. You should see a hidden circuit in front of you which is not on the mini-map. the other route, for drivers who know where the Performance Shop is in El Norte, is as follows: follow the alleyway and you should be there.

Fast Start

As soon as the animation of the cars pulling up to the line is over hold the brake key and hit up then down on the thumb stick. Let go of the brake key and slam the acceleration key down to get you motor rev'ing.
If you've done the trick right you'll be put "back on the track" about 10 feet in front of the three other cars, and can take off at full speed. You'll get a head start bonus, and more importantly a GREAT head start!
This trick only works on U.R.L., Sprint, and Circut races. It will put you off to the side if you are in the first starting position.



Need For Speed 2 SE Free Download Full Version Game For Pc

need for speed 2

Free Download Need for Speed 2 racing game. No need to install. Extract and play. Car games are easy to play and bring lot of fun and enthusiasm out of racing game player. If you are a Need for Speed racing game fan, then you might have been playing need for speed shift, need for speed underground 2, need for speed underground, need for speed most wanted, need for speed undercover, need for speed carbon or need for speed pro street by now, but you can’t forget Need for Speed II.

Remember Need for speed 2 SE (NFS II SE)? Okay, here it is. Download Need for speed 2 second edition free for pc. Need For Speed is a series of racing video games developed by Canadian based company EA Black Box and published by Electronic Arts. The series was originally developed by the Canadian based company Distinctive Software, which became known as EA Canada.


Tombstone Daytona car
Bomber Bomber BFS car
FZR2000 FZR 2000 car
Red racer Ford Indigo
Slip Slow motion
Pioneer Pioneer engine

Roadrage Beep horn to crash opponent Hollywood Monolithic studio     
track Madland Different colors Kcjones Multicolor car and horizon
Chase Chase mode.

Mad Smoking cow tires 
Slot Slot car mode 
Rain Rain mode 
Rexrage Dinosaur traffic
Vip Limousine traffic
Schoolzone School bus traffic
Rushhour Increased traffic
Go[18 - 51] Various objects
Go18 School bus 
Go19 Pickup
Go21 Truck
Go23 Blue Sedan
Go27 Green VW
Go28 Grey convertible
Go31 Mercedes Unimog army truck
Go33 Yellow snow truck
Go34 Tram
Go35 Limousine
Go40 Crate
Go41 Hand cart
Go42 Wooden stand
Go43 Tyrannosaurus Rex
Go44 Wild West wagon
Go45 Souvenir stand
go46 Souvenir stand
go47 News stand
go48 Log
go49 Crate 1
go50 Beer box
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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Need For Speed Road Attack

Need For Speed Road Attack Free Download


        Road Attack is a real lifelike contest on the breakneck route! Hey, a speed-lover, don't miss your chance and try your force in the extreme competition! This race doesn't resemble any common motor racing rules. There's only one aim for the participants - to come to the finish line first. Here you can squeeze and explode your opponents on the way, make them lose control and even shoot them! In addition to this you'll meet various hindrances, such as puddles and rough spots, which will make your race riskier and trickier. Collect the power-ups on the road and increase your weapon arsenal. Above all you can improve your car with the help of different bonuses. Keep your eyes open; you are in danger every second! Cunning competitors are waiting for a moment to shoot you down.
      Play race car game, leave everybody behind! The game Road Attack presents a breathtaking variety of races including shooting. Drive a super high speed racing car equipped with the most advanced weapons. Take a dangerous route destroying the enemies to finish first. Thirst for speed and danger makes the race car game more captivating. Take a route full of obstacles in a limited period of time at each level. The opponents cars will stand in your way trying to make you lose the game. The number of the opponents is going to rise at each level. Pick up such bonuses as additional weapons, a super engine and armor. Download race car game, try to finish first!

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Format Fectory Free download

Format Factory is a free audio, video and photo converter that supports a large range of formats for encoding and ripping. You can convert either single files or entire folders from one format to another. Presets for portable devices make it easy to create audio and video files that can play on your Android phone or tablet, iPhone, iPad, iPod or Blackberry. Format Factory lets you rip your favorite DVDs and Music CDs to create a copy of your films and songs on your local hard disk or any portable storage drive. If your media files are corrupted, Format Factory can help to repair them. While converting pictures, Format Factory allows rotation and zoom as well as adding of tags and watermarks. The program also comes with an AV Mux tool.

Video formats: MPG, WMV, 3GP, FLV, SWF, MP4, AVI, ...
Audio formats: WAV, WMA, OGG, MP3, AAC, AMR, ...
Image formats: PNG, JPG, TIF, ICO, BMP, GIF, TGA, ...

FormatFactory a pair of.96 portable Multilingual | forty eight MB
The multipurpose converter of varied files of multimedia. Has it's glad the extra functions remodeling FormatFactory within the universal tool for work with multimedia files of various formats. changing of well-liked video formats in MP4, 3GP, MPG, AVI, WMV, FLV, SWF, and conjointly changing of audioformats in MP3, WMA, MMF, AMR, OGG, M4A, WAV is supported. In FormatFactory there's a operate of transformation of pictures in formats JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF, ICO, GIF, PCX, TGA. Among further potentialities FormatFactory is such, as increase and rotation of pictures, assignment by it, and conjointly restoration of the broken audio and video files.
Format Factory could be a multifunctional media converter.
Provides functions below:

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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Project IGI 1 The Plan Full Version PC Game Free Download

Project IGI 1 The Plan Full Version

System Requirment

Operating System: Window 2000/Xp/Vista/7
Intel Pentium III 500 Mhz Or Above
Ram: 128 Mb 
Video Card: 16 Mb 
Hard Disk : 500 Mb Free

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Saturday, 23 March 2013

IGI 3 The Mark Download Free PC Game Full Version Highly Compressed

IGI 3 The Mark

IGI 3 The Mark

     This game is the 3rd edition of IGI and developed by Innerloop Studios.It was liked by all gamer and rated it 4.5 out of 5 stars acording to the servey of 2012.The game is a based first person shooter.IGI 3 The Mark is not a humorous or fun game or kid's playland. IGI 3 The Mark are Europe's last line of defense which is  tasked to stop a deadly nuclear package before it reaches it's destination.this game is provided by me with single link.download it,extract it and play.

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Thursday, 14 March 2013

EA Cricket 2004 free download


 EA Cricket 2004

     is amazing game This game is created By EA Sports.It is available only two format means It does not have t20 Format but it is special for test match game. It have a option of saving game and have also a place of keeping your trophy and wining shield.And their is different mode of playing.it have different category of pitch grassy,crack,hard and some others.this game also a feather of weather climate change.this change is good,and make game different to others.
       Converting cricket into a video game is not the easiest task in the world. Many have tried to simulate the Newzealand's summer game but always seem to fall short with titles that lack depth and extended playability. Over the years there have been a small fan base of cricket followers that have the ability to put faults aside and just blast away and have fun with what is given to them. If you are one of those people then I've got good news for you, Cricket 2004 is here and it continues the tradition of previous titles in the series. It also brings in some nice new game play's features, full licensing and a professional presentation but continues to display the flaws that we've been seeing in Cricket video games for the past ten years.
The title has been developed by HB Studios, the same team that brought us Rugby 2004. With 18 months of development they have managed to make a few improvements here and there on Cricket 2002 but by in large the game play engine is largely unchanged. Looking at Cricket 2002 and Cricket 2004 side by side, it's hard to notice much difference in the way the game plays out on the field in terms of gam eplay and the visual engine. There are some improvements to various fielding and bowling animations, the stadiums are slightly improved but these changes don't do much to cover up the holes in the game play and the various bugs littered throughout the game.
Controls are the same as they were in Cricket 2002 so anyone who has played that game will be right at home with it's follow up. To bowl players most first select the type of delivery they wish to bowl – slow, normal or fast. Once this is selected a green dot will appear on the pitch and this is where the ball will be bowled. For about 5 seconds players can move the dot around to where they want. The dot doesn't move as you would expect and it's hard to control but this is deliberate otherwise every bowl would be a perfect length yorker on middle stump.
As the bowler runs in a meter will charge and players simply press x, triangle or circle to stop it charging and the ball will be bowled. The higher the meter is the faster the bowl but players must be careful not to let it go too far otherwise they will be pinged for overstepping and given a no-ball. Swing and spin can also be controlled on a separate meter and this is manipulated by using the left analogue stick. The bowling isn't as challenging as it could have been and it's too easy to bowl consistent yorkers and this ruins the balance between bowling and batting.
As with the bowling arrangement, batting remains largely unchanged. To bat players move the batsmen around with the left analogue stick. As the ball comes in you can choose to play either a front foot (x) or back foot (triangle) shot. The type of shot will depend on what direction you are pressing the left analogue stick. To charge (come down the wicket) the ball you simply press circle as the ball is bowled and then choose which ever shot you wish to play as normal. To duck or not offer a shot, square is the button of choice. Holding R1 will give your shot a 'power boost' which pretty much means your shot will go through the air. It's riskier but the rewards are far greater if you get the shot right.
There are a variety of shots players can pull off from gracious drives through to powerful cuts but because you always know where the ball is going to land it doesn't have the unpredictability of a real cricket game and therefore it is far easier to pile on the runs. In Cricket 2004 the developers have included a confidence meter. This meter builds up as the batsmen scores more runs and spends more time at the crease but will fall if they are facing a good bowler or other conditions change. It's a bit of a gimmick and I don't even look at it and my ignorance of it didn't seem to change my performance.
Perhaps the biggest problem with Cricket 2004 is the buggy gameplay that in line with the average graphics and lack luster audio makes it hard to enjoy at all. A good example of the buggy code is running between the wickets. The button pressing seems lagged and when you press square to change your mind and turn back it seems to take an eternity for the batsmen to even start trying to turn around. The fielders also seem a little idiotic and the wicket keeper always seems out of place as a ball in thrown in the field. You can guarantee that 90% of the time he'll be on the wrong side of the wickets and facing the wrong way only to turn round at the very last second to catch the ball. Sometimes the keeper will have the ball in his hands and be standing right next to the wickets and the batsmen will set off for a run and the keeper will just stand there and do nothing as they take a cheeky single.
Another annoying bug is that the ball seems to go at inconsistent speeds across the grass. When players chip it over the in field and it comes down at a high angle it should in theory stop dead with no horizontal velocity yet in Cricket 2004 the ball will happily skip to the boundary for four runs. A peculiar problem is the amount of replays the game tries to throw at you. After a wicket falls the game will show you the play at every angle possible in slow motion and this further emphasises poor coding with players looking in the opposite direction as they catch a ball or diving the opposite way to stop a ball. Thankfully this is one niggle you can tap x to avoid, if only it was as simple for other bugs.


The first big plus. Batting is instinctive, very similar to 2002, but when you are on the hard level, you realise how finely tuned the batting side is. You really need to have a good idea about your shots. So direction - WASD keys for shots (combo for 45 degree shots, cut, glance, on drive and cover drive) as per usual. "Leave" key and "advance" key. All I will say is that all of these have more animation and variations than 2002.

 In 2002 the number pad as shot selector, number pad 0 as "power" or "six hit" selector, and the arrow keys for back foot, front foot etc. 2004 won't let you map to these, but it soon adapted to a different method.


    Over 50 teams and over 1000 players
    Domestic teams and players.
    Full licenses from the PCB, ECB, NZ Cricket and the South African Cricket team.
    61 accurately modelled stadium, including various pitch types and conditions, detailed real time weather effects, and night modes for Day/Night matches.
    Astonishingly high detail in the players' faces and bodies, including varied player sizes.
    All new Motion Capture allowing improved player animations including form and injuries.
    Commentary by the legendary Richie Benaud, Jim Maxwell.
    Huge depth of game-play including domestic teams and tournaments.
    Simple and intuitive controls improving on the best features from previous cricket games.
    Huge 3D stadium sound effects based on real crowd sounds from all over the world.Crowd effects change to reflect peaks and troughs in the game.
    Pitches reflect the real conditions around the world and will wear over the course of a test match.
    TV style game-play including TV overlays and a detailed replay feature allowing the player to view the action from an infinite number of camera angles.
    Highlight Save Feature – PC
    Full Player Editor allows players to change/create features of players throughout the game.
    Flexible play allows the player to be fully involved in the selection of batsmen and bowlers, the placing of fielders. Chose manual fielding, or simply let the intelligent AI position your fielders for you.
    4 Player, (consoles), with 2 player co-operative play



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Friday, 1 March 2013

Tennis Master Game

Tennis Master Game

Tennis Master Game

 is pretty well game for tennis lover.It is very smooth quality game.This games is amazing and appreciateable because It does not required high configuration.You can play with your friends with the Two Players Option.It have some different mode of game.It have also feathers of short time game and you can change carpet you can make your own player.you can choice your best and can change dress and naje sime different as you want. Written by Muhammad Yousuf

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